About Us

The Bay Life Story

Bay Life Apparel was born out of a love for the coastal lifestyle on the beautiful Kent Island, Maryland. Inspired by the serene views and vibrant culture of the Eastern Shore, or simply “the Shore,” our journey began in a living room overlooking Cox Creek. With nothing but a single heat press, some vinyl, a Cricut vinyl cutter, and a dream, we started creating apparel that celebrated the unique spirit of our coastal community in late 2018.

From those humble beginnings, Bay Life Apparel quickly resonated with the local community. By 2019, the Shore embraced our brand, and we realized we had something special. However, the pandemic in 2020 brought unexpected challenges. Despite the chaos, the unwavering support from our local community helped us navigate through the difficult times. We persevered through the 2021-2022 supply chain crisis, learned from our mistakes, and reinvested in our brand. By 2023, we emerged stronger, positioned for explosive growth with a full-scale enterprise-level distribution partner.

Bay Life Apparel has grown into a full-scale, family-owned and operated Performance Fishing & Coastal Lifestyle Apparel brand. Our commitment to quality, authenticity, and community has resonated far beyond the Chesapeake Bay. Today, our customer base spans from the Chesapeake to California, from Maine to Mexico, from Canada to Costa Rica, and throughout the entire Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Islands.

Each bay has its own unique culture and charm, but for the locals, it represents our heritage, family traditions, and livelihoods. At Bay Life Apparel, we are proud to embody this spirit, offering products that not only reflect the beauty of our coastal surroundings but also honor the rich tapestry of life along the shores.

Our growth from a single heat press to an internationally recognized brand is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and passion that drives us. We are committed to supporting our communities, championing sustainability, and preserving the natural beauty of our bays for future generations. Bay Life Apparel is more than just clothing; it’s a celebration of the coastal lifestyle and the values that bind us all together.

Tyler Hawkins
President & Founding Partner
Bay Life Apparel